Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Darcy Fund news....

The ACKCSC Charitable Trust has a new web page dedicated to the Darcy Fund. Thanks to the ACKCSC for setting the page up.

Several people have reported a problem using the "donate" button/page on the ACKCSC Charitable Trust web site, but we can now report that the problem has been fixed. If you tried to donate via the button in the past and experienced problems, please try donating again. Thanks so much.

We also have information on the research being performed at the University of Pennsylvania: The goal of the research is to identify the specific gene (or genes) responsible for chronic valvular disease so that simple accurate tests can be developed to identify dogs at risk. Hopefully these tests can be incorporated into the Cavalier breeding protocols to speed the removal of this disease from the beloved Cavaliers' genome.

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